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We decided with this blog to post any reviews that come our way. Any review about our live performance, studio recorded songs, and even videos from magazines, articles, promoters, and even the fans will be posted in the blog.

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First review comes from Mayhem Underground Media. These guys are so amazing and they do awesome reviews for local/underground bands and do their best to bring a spotlight to all sorts of bands that may not be getting the recognition that they deserve. You can check their site out on many social platforms we will offer a couple below.



And finally we will include the Link to their review on our upcoming "Cold World" EP check it out!


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We decided to get a review from Reverbnation and so we are so glad we did. You do have to pay for the service but it is very much so worth it if you're looking to hear what people around the world think about your music. Though there is no link that we can provide we will copy and paste comments below.

"I appreciate these guys (assuming guys does not seem a stretch) is that they are more King Crimson and less indecipherable Nazi dwarf monkeys. Metal has been held hostage to those trolls up north who could never get past the Sturm and Drang in their heads. Their music is much more to my liking."

"Cold world by Our Last Vision has that so cold vibe of mudvayne that I really enjoyed listening to which took me back to my early 20's after a failed marriage in a sense."

"The bands lyrics are pretty great, and the music reminds me of some old symphonic metal (like Khan-era Kamelot) at times. Good guitar, good vocals, hard without being too hard.

"I dig the heavy southern stoner style of this metal band. Very rocking and punishing and in your face. Love the beat and the chill rocking vibe of it all." 

"There's this strong sense that this band would easily make me want to smash some plates and rock out like there's no tomorrow that is for certain."

"Feel that edge in your soul and try to

see the world through rose tinted glasses all you want, but this song kicks in the right way that I enjoy 

Strong lyrics and strong instrumentals this band is definitely going to known very soon. Good songs, good audio and great band I like all of these things." 

"Like the groove to this band. Makes me nostalgic for mid 2000's hard rock/metal. Can't wait for more from these dudes."

 "I enjoy the energy of this band with its great guitars and thrashing sound that would be a lot of fun to hear live. Good work."

 "Strong lyrics and strong instrumentals this band is definitely going to known very soon. Good music, good audio and great band I like all of it."

 "I don't know what metal guitarist say when accused of a sameness in so many songs but they need to address that regardless of individual bad. Also I am going to go out on a limb and say these guys are from the orbit of Chicago influence. I think that is where I ID the Emo noise. I am starting to hear the many chords being played that fade in that noise. Still, I got to give it to them. This is a very good band." 

"Our last vision has sort of a seven mary three element about there style that I actually enjoyed listening to the further in went along with each track. But there's a strong slipknot vibe as well."

"For the most part a radio friendly college chart possibility. This band is a lot easier to like because growling or otherwise they are still recognizably somewhere in the American rock and roll vein. Some songs could easily have been any seattle band in the last 20 years. That is a compliment." 

"There's a strong urge in me to mosh pit listening to this band, or ride a harley down some back roads with the wind in my hair kind of passions."

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