"Gas" gas mask guy explaination

"Gas" from the Backyard Bash show in Marinette, WI

"Bros what is up with guy wearing the gas mask and suit?"

This is a question that we get very often, and we promise it is all part of a bigger plan. It's a question that has been so hard to hold back the answer for, but now that our "Cold World" EP album has been released we can finally give you that answer. This is an answer that goes way more in depth then fans realize.

Coming up with the name of the band has been centered around the idea or theme of an apocolypse. We wanted to be different with our graphic art and be as creative as possible. We started thinking about how cool it would be to come out with a Our Last Vision comic book all centered around one character that we would create, and that's when the idea of "Gas" came into play (serious spoilers ahead). So we could come out with a comic but that would be something we would think about way down the road after we have had a few albums out of the way. (oh boy here comes the spoiler) We decided that with each album that we release, the graphic art will show a new chapter and continue a story of our character "Gas" on his journey through this apocalyptic world. So not only are you getting music, you're getting a story that you can visualize as you look at the graphics on each album and really it makes each album fun and interesting to look at.

Album cover for our first EP "Cold World"

"Are all your songs going to be political then? About the story itself at all?"

Great question and this may not make sense at first, but no the songs do not relate to an apocalypse, politics, or the story itself. This is where we go more in depth and things get interesting. Lyrically all our songs are about humans specifically, their emotions and scenarios of hardship, complication, stress, and anxieties. In our lyrics, "Gas" is a physical metephor that we use for our lyrics, the man behind the mask. Everyday humans in society put on a mask to cover up their emotions and that is what "Gas" represents and this is what we try to implement in our lyrics.

"Are you guys going to implement these ideas in your live performances, show the story?"

Right now "Gas" is just the crowd hype, he helps keep people entertained and it adds a fun mascot and element to our show. Of course, someday we would love to add projections and make our show just ridiculously fun to watch and make it a big deal. But for a band just starting out it, it's just going to take time and money to make something like this happen, and a lot of creativity of course. But keep up to date and come to our shows and someday we will make this happen.

This concludes our explanation to the man in the mask "Gas". Thank you so much for reading! If you ever get the chance check out our first debut album EP "Cold World" which you can view or buy on this website on view on all the main platforms.

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