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Our Last Vision

Based out of Marinette, WI, Our Last Vision (formed in 2016) is a band consisting of four members who discovered they had a common destiny ahead of them. Coming at you with all original music, their style is a unique and intricate blend of hard rock and alternative metal. After founding members Nate Walstrom (Guitar/vocals) and Cødy Franta (Bass) joined forces with Neil Carey (drums) in June of 2017 and Joey DeCota (guitar) shortly after; they have shown time and time again that they are driven by passion and dedication. Our Last Vision continuously push each other to reach their furthest potential as musicians as they continue to gain momentum with each and every performance. They are more than just a band-they are a brotherhood.They are-Our Last Vision.


"We sacrifice to stay alive, we bleed through nothing but lies, empty shells to the world’s demise, we are the forsaken." -Forsaken

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